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Help us reduce the burden of asthma

Healthy communities are possible with your support


While asthma is a significant public health issue across California – about 1 in 7 people have asthma – there are considerable asthma disparities by income, race, and ethnicity. These disparities result from historic and current policies and systems that create environmental and social inequities related to air quality, land use, transportation, housing, access to care, education, and the experience of racism and poverty.

To achieve RAMP’s vision and mission, we developed three goals in response to these disparities, targeting the social and environmental inequities that create them:

  • Healthy and Stable Housing: Advance comprehensive policies on housing quality, affordability and tenant protections.
  • Healthy Air for All: Shape policies to reduce and eliminate exposure to air pollution in inequitably burdened communities.
  • Healthcare Equity: Increase access to prevention-oriented services within healthcare, and advance workforce development for community health workers, promotoras, and other asthma professionals.

We appreciate any support you can provide to advance this work!